Inserting Columns or Rows in Tables

To insert a column or row in a table:

  1. With the table open, right-click a cell in the table and click one of the following:
    Option Description
    Insert > Column Right Inserts column to the right of the selected cell.
    Insert > Column Left Inserts column to the left of the selected cell.
    Insert > Row Above Inserts row above the selected cell.
    Insert > Row Below Inserts row below the selected cell.
  2. For new columns, select a Column type and related options.
    For example, select Custom Property for Column type and select a property for Property name.
    The ITEM NO., PART NUMBER, and QTY. columns are filled automatically. The QTY. entries are configuration specific.
    For custom properties, you can select from a set of SOLIDWORKS-specific properties, which have the SW- prefix. For descriptions of some of these system-defined properties, see Linking Notes to Document Properties.