Creating a Cylinder-to-Cylinder Gusset

You can add gussets to provide center-to-center reinforcement of cylinders.

To create a cylinder-to-cylinder gusset:

  1. Click Gusset (Weldments toolbar) or Insert > Weldments > Gusset.
  2. In the PropertyManager, for Supporting Faces, select the faces of the cylinders between which you want to add the gusset.
    In this example, the horizontal face is selected first.
    A preview of the gusset appears in the graphics area with arrows showing the gusset direction.

  3. Under Profile, select a triangular or polygonal gusset profile and specify the profile distances.
  4. Optionally, click to create a chamfer to allow room to create a weld bead under the gusset.
  5. Select where to apply the gusset thickness and set a value for the thickness.
  6. Optionally, reverse the gusset direction by clicking the handle in the preview when the pointer shows Reverse Direction.
    By default, the profile locates at the midpoint.