Inserting Alternate Position Views - Assemblies

In assembly drawings, you can use Alternate Position Views to overlay multiple configurations of an assembly in a single view. You can use existing configurations from the assembly model and you can define new configurations on the fly.

To insert an alternate position view:

  1. Insert a model view of the assembly using the orientation needed for the Alternate Position View. Use a configuration of the assembly in its starting position.

  2. Click Alternate Position View (Drawing toolbar), or click Insert > Drawing View > Alternate Position.
    The Alternate Position PropertyManager appears. You are prompted to select a drawing view in which to insert the alternate position.
  3. Under Configuration, choose either:
    Option Description
    Existing configuration Lets you select an existing assembly configuration to use for the alternate position view. Select a configuration from the list.
    New configuration Lets you add a new configuration in the assembly model. A default name appears in the box. You can accept the default name or type a name of your choice.
  4. Click .
    The results are either:
    • Existing configuration - The alternate position of the selected configuration appears in the drawing view, and the PropertyManager closes. The view is complete. No further steps are required.
    • New configuration - If the assembly document is not already open, it opens automatically. The assembly's view orientation changes to that of the drawing view. The assembly appears with the Move Component PropertyManager open and Free Drag activated. Continue to Step 5.

  5. Use any of the Move Component tools to move the assembly components to the desired position.
    In the PropertyManager, under Options, you can use Collision Detection and Stop at collision to stop motion.

  6. Click to close the Move Component PropertyManager and return to the drawing.
    The alternate position of the assembly configuration appears in the drawing view in phantom lines, and the Alternate Position PropertyManager closes.

  7. Create as many Alternate Position Views as needed using the same steps.