Inserting 3DEXPERIENCE Components Into SOLIDWORKS Assemblies

You can insert 3DEXPERIENCE components into SOLIDWORKS assemblies as 3DEXPERIENCE components or new SOLIDWORKS derived parts.

This applies to SOLIDWORKS Connected.

To insert 3DEXPERIENCE components into SOLIDWORKS assemblies:

  1. Open a SOLIDWORKS assembly.
  2. In the 3DEXPERIENCE panel, search for the component, then drag it into the assembly.
  3. In the Insert Component As dialog box, select an option:
    Option Results
    3DEXPERIENCE Component Inserts the 3DEXPERIENCE component into the assembly, indicated by the 3DEXPERIENCE native data icon in the FeatureManager design tree. For the inserted component, in MySession, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the CAD Master.
    New SOLIDWORKS Derived Part Inserts the 3DEXPERIENCE component as a derived SOLIDWORKS part.
  • The next steps apply if you click New SOLIDWORKS Derived Part or if you insert the component, right-click it, and select Create Derived Part.
    1. In the New Document Name dialog box, select a collaborative space and enter a Title for the newly derived part.
      If autonaming is enabled, that name appears in Title. You can overwrite it.
    2. Click Save.
      In the FeatureManager design tree, the 3DEXPERIENCE component icon changes to a SOLIDWORKS part icon. The 3DEXPERIENCE component is a child of the SOLIDWORKS part. MySession shows SOLIDWORKS as the CAD Master.