Light Parameters

Light parameters appear on subtabs when you select the icon of an existing light on the Scenes tab or you select a light icon in a scene.

General Subtab

Name Lets you rename the light.
Locked Locks the light in place so you cannot move it.
Enabled Specifies that the light affects the scene's overall lighting.
Visible Makes the light visible or invisible in the scene.
Type Specifies the type of light. Select a type:


Specifies to use an area as the light source. Select a Shape for the area:







IES Profile

Brightness Specifies the brightness of the light.
Color Specifies the color of the light.
Color Temperature (K) Specifies the light's color in degrees Kelvin.
Light Geometry Available if you select Area or Spot under Type. For Area lights, options also depend on what you select for Shape.

Cone Angle

(Available for Spot lights.) Controls the spread of the spot light. For example, a small or narrow angle produces a focused, pin-like light where a large or wide angle produces a broad light.

Cylinder Length

(Available for Area > Cylinder lights.) Specifies the length of the cylinder.

Cylinder Radius

(Available for Area > Cylinder lights.) Specifies the radius of the cylinder.

Disc Radius

(Available for Area > Disc lights.) Specifies the radius of the light source.

Rectangle Width

(Available for Area > Rectangle lights.) Specifies the width of the rectangle light source.

Rectangle Length

(Available for Area > Rectangle lights.) Specifies the length of the rectangle light source.

Sphere Radius

(Available for Area > Point lights.) Specifies the radius of the light source.

Spot Light Radius

(Available for Spot lights.) Specifies the radius of the light source.

Transform Subtab

Pick Target Defines the point on the model where you want the light to shine. Pick a point in the viewport.
Pick Position Defines the source of the light. Click a point in the viewport to place the light. The light points in a direction normal to the selected surface. This option is especially useful when adding interior lights.
Match Current Camera Matches the light to the current camera position and direction.
Transform The following transform options let you numerically modify the lighting position:

Position XYZ

Translates the selected light in 3D space.


Determines the distance between the selected light and the look-at point.


Rotates the selected light around the look-at point.


Moves the selected light vertically.


Tilts the selected light left or right without moving its 3D position.

You can also transform lights with the transform handle.

Follow Specifies that the light follows a specific model, such as a vehicle while you drive it.

You can separately specify a model to Follow and a model to Aim at.

Advanced Subtab

Preview Options Select or clear Cast Shadows. Select to cast shadows in the scene when in Preview mode.

This option has no effect in Fast and Accurate modes.