Drawing Lines

You can create a series of line segments in the active file.

Do not use lines or line series for generating electrical schematics. They are not managed by the electrical project database.

To access the Line command, click Draw > Line .

A line segment is defined by two points. To create a line, define the start and the end points in one of the following ways:
  • Dynamically, by clicking the graphical area
  • Manually, by specifying the end coordinates

After you create a series of lines, you can edit or move each line segment separately. When you move or edit a line, you can only dynamically reposition the line and its endpoints.

In the dockable panel, the following options are available.
Option Description
Ends the command.
Undoes the last action.
Keyboard inputs Lets you enter X and Y coordinates separated by a comma (for example, 150,125), a distance and an angle separated by "<" (for example, 150<45), or relative coordinates from the previous point (for example, @10,150).
Close The last point of the last segment corresponds to the first point of the first segment and creates a closed area.