The main interface of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Viewer is composed of several zones.

Menu Zone

The menu zone displays in tabs: A Filters tab which allows you to find a component or a page, and a View tab displaying the command icons.

Table 1.
Option Description
Closes the viewer and displays the Electrical project management.
Allows you to access the next or previous page.
Opens the Properties dialog box of the element selected.
Opens the Report management.
Allows to refresh the preview of the selected drawing.
Groups the different zooms you can use in the interface.
Opens the Print management.
Allows you to export the drawings in DWG format.
Allows you to export the drawings in PDF format.

Side Panel

In the Pages tab the side panel displays the list of the electrical project pages and in the Components tab the list of the components, sorted by location.

When the Pages tab is open, the Filter feature available at the top of the interface displays a Page search. When the Components tab is open, it displays a Components search.

To open a drawing in the viewer, select it in the list.

Preview Zone

Located at the bottom of the application, the preview zone displays the drawings included in the book or folder selected. Click on a drawing to open it in the viewer.

Viewer Zone

Displays the drawing selected. You cannot make any modification in the drawing, only zooms. The viewer can display only one drawing at a time.