Symmetry Check

Type of Check (Parts only)

  Manual Face Check  
  Automatic Symmetry Split Reduces a part to its smallest repeatable symmetrical body, which is especially useful when you run analyses using simulation software.

Analysis Parameters

  Defined by Defines how to define the plane of symmetry.

Single plane

Specifies symmetry with respect to a selected plane.

Two parallel faces

Places the plane mid-plane between the two faces.

Two points

Places the plane perpendicular to the midpoint of the line joining the points.

  Check Checks for symmetry about the plane and lists results under Symmetry Check results.

Color Settings

Set colors used to show:

Set colors used to show:

  Unique faces  
  Symmetric Faces  
  Asymmetric Faces  

For assemblies:

  Symmetric Components  
  Asymmetric Components  

After you check for symmetry, these components appear under Symmetry Check results.

Symmetry Check Results

When you click Check under Analysis parameters, the results appear here. Click listed faces or components to highlight them in the graphics area.

  Save report Saves the results in an HTML report.
  Recheck Clears the results so you can run a new symmetry check.