Checking Part or Assembly Symmetry About a Selected Plane

  1. With a part or assembly open, select a plane in the FeatureManager design tree and click Symmetry Check tool_symmetry_check_utilities.gif (Tools toolbar).
    The Symmetry Check PropertyManager appears with the plane preselected.

  2. For assemblies with subassemblies, select Treat subassemblies as components as required.
    Selecting this option checks symmetry with respect to subassemblies within the assembly, ignoring subassembly components. Clearing it includes subassembly components in the assembly symmetry check.
  3. To modify the color for checked symmetric assembly components:
    1. Under Color Settings, select Symmetric Components and click Edit Color.
    2. Modify the color and click OK.

    Similarly, you can modify the color settings for asymmetric assembly components, or unique, symmetric, and asymmetric part faces.

  4. Click Check.

    The checked symmetric and asymmetric assembly components or part faces are displayed in their assigned colors.

  5. When you select an assembly component or part face listed under Symmetry Check Results, the component or face is highlighted in the graphics area.

  6. To save the symmetry check report, click Save Report
  7. Close the Symmetry Check PropertyManager or click Recheck to run another symmetry check.