Scenes provide a visual backdrop behind a model. In SOLIDWORKS, they provide reflections on the model. The objects and lights in a scene can form reflections on the model and can cast shadows on the floor.

A scene consists of the following:

  • A spherical environment based on a preset scene or image you select is mapped around the model.
  • A 2D background that can be a single color, a gradient of color, or an image you select. Although partially obscured by the background, elements of the environment reflect in the model. You can also turn off the background and show the spherical environment instead.
  • A 2D floor on which you can see shadows and reflections. You can change the distance of the model from the floor.
This tip applies to viewing models in the SOLIDWORKS graphics area. When Background specifies Use Environment in the Edit Scene PropertyManager - Basic tab and you zoom on a model, the scale of the background changes with the scale of the model. To change the scale of the model without changing the background scale, view the model through a camera.