Weld Beads

You can add weld beads to weldment parts and assemblies, and multibody parts.

Key features of weld beads:
  • Compatibility with all types of geometry, including bodies with gaps
  • Inclusion of weld bead properties in drawings using weld tables
  • Automatically created weld symbols
  • Association of weld symbols with the weld beads
  • In the FeatureManager design tree, a separate Weld Bead folder that contains the weld beads

Weld beads use a simplified display. They are displayed as graphical representations in models. No geometry is created. The weld beads are lightweight and do not affect performance.

For information about weld beads in assemblies, see Weld Beads in Assemblies.

For information about weld tables in drawings, see Weld Tables.