SelectionManager Overview

The SelectionManager combines and replaces contour and smart selection while offering enhanced selection capability

The SelectionManager is available in loft, sweep, boundary surface, and projected curve features, and for path mates.

With the SelectionManager you can:

  • Select edges and sketch entities, which was not possible in smart selection.
  • Select entities across multiple sketches as well as in combination with model edges.
  • Trim and extend open selection sets at both ends, regardless of how you create them. Video: Extending a Sketch Entity with SelectionManager
  • Snap parametric trim points to geometry, so if you modify the geometry, the trim is modified.
  • Use direction manipulators to choose between different solutions that match the current selection tool. Click the manipulators to select the desired loop. In this example with the Select Closed Loop tool, you toggle between two loops and right-click to select the bottom loop. Video: Using Direction Manipulators with SelectionManager
  • Right-click to accept the selection. If there is enough information to define a solution set, the pointer changes to .