SOLIDWORKS File Utilities

SOLIDWORKS file utilities let you perform such tasks as renaming, replacing, and moving SOLIDWORKS files.

To access SOLIDWORKS file utilities, do one of the following:

  • In File Explorer on Windows 10 or SOLIDWORKS Task Pane File Explorer, right-click a SOLIDWORKS document and select SOLIDWORKS > File Utility.
  • In File Explorer on Windows 11, right-click a SOLIDWORKS file, click Show More Options > SOLIDWORKS, and select a File Utility.
File Utility Description
Open Opens the file in SOLIDWORKS.
Pack and Go Gathers all related files for a model design (parts, assemblies, drawings, references, design tables, Design Binder content, custom and default decals, appearances, and scenes, and SOLIDWORKS Simulation results) into a folder or zip file. You can upload the package to a 3DDrive folder.
Rename Renames one or more selected documents and updates all the references.
Replace Replaces a selected part or assembly document and updates its references.
Move Moves the selected SOLIDWORKS file to a new location and updates its references.
File Locations Lists the file paths where a file is located.