Tags are keywords you add to SOLIDWORKS documents and features to make them easier to filter and search.

  • To aid in filtering the FeatureManager tree, add tags to selected features in the graphics area.
  • To facilitate searching, add tags to selected documents:
    • On the File Explorer tab of the task pane
    • In the File Explorer pane in SOLIDWORKS Explorer

Adding a Tag

To add a tag:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the graphics area, select a feature.
    • Click the File Explorer tab of the Task pane and select a SOLIDWORKS document.
  2. In the status bar, click Tags .
  3. In the Tags box, click to display a list of tags that are already in use.
  4. Select a tag from the list or type a new tag.
  5. Click Tags tags_button_to_close.png again to close the box.

Using a Tag as a Filter in the FeatureManager Design Tree

To use a tag as a filter in the FeatureManager design tree:

  1. In the filter field, type the tag.
  2. To redisplay all features, click X in the filter field.