Aligning Coordinate Systems

To align coordinate systems:

  1. Open two parts to compare geometry. This example uses parts named Long.sldprt and Short.sldprt.
    The parts have different positions related to the origin. They have a coordinate system, CS1, which you can use to align them.
    Long.sldprt Short.sldprt
  2. In Long.sldprt, click Tools > Compare > Geometry.
  3. In the Compare Task Pane:
    1. Select Long.sldprt in Reference Document.
    2. Select Short.sldprt in Modified Document.
    3. Select Align parts and select CS1 as the coordinate system in Reference document and Modified document.
    4. Click Run comparison.
    5. On the Compare Geometry Results tab, click to display the material removed or added, or the common volume.
    The volume comparison window shows a useful comparison because of the aligned coordinate systems.
    Material removed - Results with alignment option selected Material removed - Results with alignment option cleared
  4. Click Close in the Task Pane and do not save the comparison results.