Example: Running Compare Geometry

To compare the geometry between two versions of the same model:

  1. Open two part files, such as apple.sldprt and peach.sldprt.
  2. Click Tools > Compare > Geometry .
  3. In the Compare Task Pane select:
    1. For Reference document, select apple.sldprt.
    2. For Modified document, select peach.sldprt.
  4. Under Items to compare, select Geometry and click Run Comparison.
    The two part files are tiled in the graphics area.
  5. Under Volume comparison, click Hide/Show next to Common Volume, Material removed and Material Added.

    Different colors highlight the added and removed materials between the two parts.

  6. Select Keep bodies on close and click Add to apple.sldprt to keep differences with the reference document.
  7. Click Close to exit the Task Pane.
    The comparison data is saved in apple.sldprt.

  8. In the graphics area, expand the window for apple.sldprt. Then in the FeatureManager design tree, expand the Compare Volume folder and each subfolder.
    You can click each material entity to highlight the bodies added to and removed from the part.

Merging Volumes with the Intersect Tool

To merge materials in the Compare Volume folder into apple.sldprt:

  1. From the FeatureManager design tree, select the following:
    • Cut-Extrude3
    • Material Added1
    • Material Added2
    • Material Removed1
  2. Click Insert > Features > Intersect .
  3. Click Create both and click Intersect.
  4. Under Regions to Exclude. click Region 3.
  5. Then click Merge Results and .