Zoom In/Out

To zoom in or out:

Do one of the following:
Device Procedure
Mouse (left button) Click Zoom In/Out (View toolbar) or View > Modify > Zoom In/Out. Drag the pointer up to zoom in and down to zoom out.
Mouse (middle button) Hold down Shift and drag with the middle mouse button.
Mouse Wheel

To zoom to the position of the pointer:

Spin the wheel forward and back. If you spin the wheel fast, you accelerate the zoom speed. While spinning the wheel, keep the pointer on the area where you want to zoom.

To zoom to the center of the screen:

Click View > Modify > Zoom About Screen Center then spin the wheel forward and back.

To use accelerated zoom:

  1. Close all documents.
  2. Click System Options > Display.
  3. Clear Display scrollbars in graphics view for parts and assemblies.
  4. In an open document, press Shift + move the mouse wheel and zoom in or out.
To change the direction of the mouse wheel for zooming in and out, select Reverse mouse wheel zoom direction in View Rotation/Zoom Options.
Keyboard Press Z to zoom out or Shift+Z to zoom in.