Viewing a Model from a Camera

You can view a model from the perspective of the camera. You can modify the camera view by changing the view or turning the camera.

To view a model from the perspective of the camera:
  • In the DisplayManager, under Camera , right-click a camera and click Camera View.
  • Press the spacebar and click a camera in the Orientation dialog box.
  • Click Camera View (View toolbar) or View > Display > Camera View. If more than one camera exists in the document, the Choose Camera dialog box appears asking you to choose one.
    When you view a model through a camera, the field of view is visible by default. Right-click in the graphics area and select Display Field of View Box to switch the Field of View display.
    With Field of View Box enabled With Field of View Box disabled

Modifying Camera Views

You can modify unlocked camera views by using View tools, with the Camera PropertyManager open or closed.

To unlock and modify a camera view:

  1. To unlock the camera view, do one of the following:
    • In the DisplayManager, under Scene, Lights, and Cameras, expand the Camera folder, right-click the camera and clear Lock Camera.
    • In the Camera PropertyManager, clear Lock camera position except when editing.
    • When viewing the graphics area through a camera, right-click in the graphics area and select Lock Camera to switch the lock.
  2. Modify the camera view by clicking the following tools on the Heads-up View toolbar or the View > Modify menu.

    When you drag the pointer, appears with the pointer to indicate that you are modifying a camera view.

In the Camera PropertyManager, when you select Show numeric controls, you can manipulate the camera view in the right viewport and see the results in the left viewport. The numeric fields in the PropertyManager update as you move the camera view.

Turn Camera

To turn a camera:

With the camera view unlocked, do one of the following:
  • Click Turn Camera (View toolbar).
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + the middle mouse button.
  • Click View > Modify > Turn Camera.

Then drag the pointer .

The results vary depending on the camera type:
Camera Type Camera Position Camera Rotation Target Point
Aimed at target Remains fixed Changes Changes
Floating Changes Remains fixed (not applicable)