With the Denoiser, you can achieve significant reductions in render time for production-quality images.

The Denoiser uses a post-processing technique based on machine learning to filter out noise from unfinished and noisy images produced with Fast and Accurate render modes.

To achieve increased performance from using the Denoiser, you need to reduce the number of render passes. For example, if a scene routinely needs 500 passes without the Denoiser, specifying 50 passes when the Denoiser is on may achieve the same rendering quality. You may be able to achieve the same rendering quality with even fewer passes using the Denoiser depending on your goal for the image. Actual reductions in the number of passes, and therefore render time, depends on the computer’s hardware and the scene rendered.

To use the Denoiser, you must have this hardware:

  • NVIDIA® GPU (Kepler™ architecture or newer) with CUDA® 9.0 support
  • At least 4 GB of video RAM

The following image shows typical results with Denoiser off (left) and on (right).