Rendering Images

You can create high-quality, realistic renderings in various output formats, including images, videos, and files that provide interactive web and virtual reality experiences. This output can help you share design information, make product decisions, and market your products.

The Render Wizard simplifies parameters for five output types. You can control the rendering of:
  • Snapshots, images, or animations based on sequences of images or videos.
  • 360° panoramic views.
  • Files that let users explore 3D objects.

When you select a render type, the wizard steps you through all the parameters available for that type. Depending on the type, this can include settings for media (image and video formats), size, image quality, animation, and interactive experiences, as well as scene or render specific output settings.

You can create rendering presets and reuse them whenever you want to generate output with the same settings.

Rendering can take significant amounts of time. You may consider creating rendering presets that achieve the right balance of time and output characteristics.