Editing Animations

You use the ribbon to view and edit keyframes, velocity, tension, and motion ease.

In the 3D Viewport of the scene, the ribbon displays the 3D path of animated items using the current interpolation.

For the ribbon to be visible, the origin of the model must be above the floor.

To edit animations:

  1. Click an Object Manipulation Tool.
  2. On the ribbon, select a keyframe.
    The keyframes appear as boxes.
  3. Edit the keyframe.
    Moving a box moves that section of the ribbon, which customizes the 3D path of the animated item.
  4. Use the basic animation controls to the left of the animation timeline to evaluate and play the animation.
  5. Optional: Right-click a keyframe to Suppress Keyframe or Unsuppress Keyframe.
    When suppressed, the animation keys are ignored during playback.
  6. With a keyframe selected and the animation playing, adjust the Transition, Tension, and Motion Ease in the Keyframe Properties pane to the right of the animation timeline.
    For example, change the Motion Ease. If you set In to maximum (+), the camera slows while approaching the selected keyframe. The color on the ribbon indicates velocity: green indicates acceleration and red indicates deceleration.