Moving Pivot Points

Every model and part has a pivot point around which it moves. You can move default pivot points so selections animate the way you want.

Pivot points for models, groups, or parts that have animations assigned cannot be edited after the animations have been created.

To move pivot points:

  1. Click Object Manipulation Tools > Pivot .
  2. In the scene, select a part, group, or other item.
    The transform manipulator appears at the pivot point of the selection. The default pivot point may not be in the same location as the selected item.
  3. Use the transform manipulator to move and rotate the pivot point to the desired location relative to the item with which it is associated.
    With pivot points, the relative location is important, not the absolute location.
    Press Shift to snap to a 0.25m grid. Press Ctrl to snap the pivot point to the bounding box corners, edges, edge midpoints, and center. This lets you snap the pivot point to the center of a round model, group, or part.