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Scene Editor - Lighting Tab

You can add predefined light sources and control the global shadows in the scene. The different classes of predefined light sources are described in Light Source Library.

To edit the lighting properties:

  1. Click Scene (PhotoWorks toolbar), PhotoWorks, Scene, or right-click a scene in the Render Manager Tab and select Edit Scenery.

You can also select the Appearances/PhotoWorks tab to display scenes in the Task Pane.

  1. On the Lighting tab, set the following properties:

    Pre-defined light sources

    Select Lighting scheme. Click to add predefined light sources from the Light Source Library to the scene. The existing light sources, except the Ambient light, of the SolidWorks document are replaced by the new predefined light sources.

    To avoid replacing a SolidWorks light, select Keep light in the PhotoWorks Properties PropertyManager for each light.

    Save Lights. Click to save the current lighting scheme as a PhotoWorks Light (.p2l) file.

    Global shadow control

    Shadows enhance the quality of rendered images. Without shadows, images look flat and unrealistic, and objects seem to float in space. You can choose between three different shadow controls:

    • No shadow. No shadows appear for any light source.

    • Opaque. Opaque shadows appear for all light sources.

    • Transparent. High quality shadows appear for all light sources. Transparent appearances are taken into account during the shadow calculation.

    With Opaque or Transparent, set the edge sliders:

    • Edges. Hard settings produce shadows with sharp edges. Soft settings produce shadows with blurred edges.

    • Edge quality. Low quality settings produce jagged shadow boundaries. High quality settings produce anti-aliased shadow boundaries. (This slider is available only if you set the Edges slider to something other than Hard.)

      Soft shadow calculation with high edge quality can decrease performance significantly, but images with soft shadows look more realistic. In the following illustration, the cylinder on the right side illustrates the effect of transparent soft shadows.

  2. Click Apply to accept the changes, then click Close.

    Click Apply to add the changes. You do not have to close the dialog box before you render.

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