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Port Conflicts

If you install Workgroup PDM on a Windows XP system with Service Pack 2, you must enable Workgroup PDM ports in the firewall setup.

To enable Workgroup PDM ports in the firewall setup:

  1. In Windows, open the Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Windows Firewall.
  3. On the Exceptions tab, make sure PDM-Data Port, PDM-Request Port, and PDM-Vaultadmin Port are selected.
  4. Click OK.

Conflict Ports - Reference

The Workgroup PDM software uses dedicated ports for communication. If you think a Workgroup PDM port conflicts with another application, (for example, you cannot check a document in to a project) you can change the default port setting in the Windows Registry Editor. In Windows, click Start > Run , then type regedit and click OK to access the Registry Editor. Each port is stored as a DWORD in the registry.

You must create registry keys for this procedure to work. For example, the Request Port is set to 40000 in the absence of a key. If you create the registry DWORD value called "Request Port," then the vault (or client) uses that port.
Incorrect registry configurations can result in irreversible computer damage. Only a system administrator should reconfigure the registry.
The default ports (decimal values) are:
  • Request Port = 40000
  • Data Port = 30000
  • VaultAdmin Port = 20000
  • Workgroup PDM Viewer Port = 80
Manually add DWORD registry settings through the following paths for computers running the vault and VaultAdmin:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\SolidWorks version\PDMWorks Workgroup\Server\Request Port
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\SolidWorks version\PDMWorks Workgroup\Server\Data Port
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\SolidWorks version\PDMWorks Workgroup\Server\VaultAdmin Port
Where version is the current major version.

If a port is changed for the vault or VaultAdmin, then the corresponding registry value must be changed for each client in the paths listed below. You may need to create the "Client" key. Reboot each client computer after making the change.

When SolidWorks Explorer is installed on a 32 bit machine, change the following registry values:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\SolidWorks version\PDMWorks Workgroup\Client\Request Port
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\SolidWorks version\PDMWorks Workgroup\Client\Data Port
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\SolidWorks version\PDMWorks Workgroup\Client\VaultAdmin Port
When a 32 bit version of SolidWorks Explorer is installed on a 64 bit machine, change the following registry entries:
  • HKey_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\SolidWorks\SolidWorks version\PDMWorks Workgroup\Client\Request Port
  • HKey_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\SolidWorks\SolidWorks version\PDMWorks Workgroup\Client\Data Port
  • HKey_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\SolidWorks\SolidWorks version\PDMWorks Workgroup\Client\VaultAdmin Port
All registry entries must be DWORD types.

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