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Reusing Electrical Route Assemblies

You can reuse an existing harness in the same assembly or in other assemblies. The reused route uses the same wire definitions and connectors as the original route, but you can edit the reused route path as if it were unique.


To reuse an electrical route assembly, right-click an electrical assembly and select Reuse Route or Tools > Routing > Electrical > Reuse Route.

The Reuse Route command allows you to browse for an existing harness assembly. The reused harness inherits properties from the parent harness, including custom properties and part number from configuration properties. If the part number is blank in the parent, then the reused harness takes on the assembly name from the parent assembly. The lengths of each route segment is assigned to each route segment of the reused harness and the fixed length parameter is applied. All configurations, if more than one exists, are also applied to the reused route.

If a reused route is in the same assembly as the original route, they are grouped together in the BOM as if they are two instances of the same assembly.

Edits made in the route path do not propagate from the reused route to the parent harness. The reused route is a copy. To preserve the design intent and keep the reused route from deviating from the parent, several features are disabled. For example, you cannot add splices, connectors or assembly features to a reused route, but you can route through clips and flatten the reused route to generate drawings.

A reused route is identified by a unique icon in the FeatureManager design tree. If you need to edit the route design from the parent by adding new connectors or by changing wires, you can remove the link between the reused route and the parent.

To remove the link, right-click the reused route assembly and select Delink Harness. All routing features are restored, the icon is removed, and the reused route is not grouped with its parent in a BOM.

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