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Radial Step Explode - Parameters

Radial Step Explode is available in SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium.

Explode Steps

Displays existing explode steps.

Explode Stepn One or more selected components exploded radially.


PM_components_select.gif Explode Step Components Displays components selected for the current explode step.
  Explode Direction Displays the direction selected for the current explode step.
dim_lin_d.png Explode Distance Displays the distance to move the component for the current explode step.
Rotation Angle Sets the degree of component rotation about the component origins.
  Diverge from axis Explodes components away from the axis along an angle.
Diverge direction for radial explode step Sets the angle of divergence. Select a cylindrical face, conical face, linear edge, or axis. The selected entity must create an angle with the explode axis.
  Apply Click to preview changes to explode steps.
  Done Click to complete new or changed explode steps.


Select the subassembly parts When selected, enables you to select individual components of a subassembly. When cleared, enables you to select an entire subassembly.
Explode components along their origins Explodes components along their origins. When cleared, components explode along their bounding box center.
Reuse Subassembly Explode Uses explode steps that you defined previously in a selected subassembly.

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