Comment in FeatureManager Design Tree

The existing ability to add comments to models has been enhanced. It is easier to view and edit models based on the comments over the lifecycle of a product's design.

  • You can add comments to almost all nodes in the FeatureManager design tree. The comments extends to the following nodes:
    • Mates (all types)
    • Mate folder or Mate group
    • Folders
    • Sensors
    • Material
    • Annotation views
    • Blocks
    • Solid bodies folder
    • Surface bodies folder
    • Sheet metal nodes
    • Mate references
  • To locate comments more easily, you can turn on the comment indicators.
  • You can add standalone comments that are not attached to a feature or node in the FeatureManager design tree.
  • When you create or edit a comment, you can attach an image or a screen capture of the model.
  • You can view feature comments in the PropertyManager.
  • When you add a comment to a feature, a timestamp is added automatically to the comment.
  • You can view all comments in one dialog box and export the comments to a Microsoft Word document.
The ConfigurationManager also shows similar enhancements for comments.