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Probe Result

The Probe function allows you to query a plot and view the values of plotted quantities at defined nodes or centers of elements. When you probe a mesh plot, the software displays the node or element number and the global coordinates of the node.  When you probe a result plot, the software displays the node or element number, the value of the plotted result, and the global coordinates of the node or center of the element. For example, in a nodal stress plot, the node number, the stress value, and the global x, y, and z coordinates appear.

To list results in terms of a selected reference entity, create a plot relative to the selected reference entity then use the probe function.


  • At Location. Probe results for individual nodes or elements that you select in the graphics area.

  • From sensors. Probe results at locations stored in sensor lists. You need to define Workflow Sensitive sensors to view the Sensor List.

When probing results from sensor locations defined at coordinates, the location of the nearest node is used instead of the exact location of the sensor.

  • On selected entities. Probe results for all the nodes or elements on the selected entities (faces, edges, or vertices).

  • Distance (available for mesh and displacement plots). Measure the distance between two nodes. Select the two nodes in the graphics area and the distance information appears in the graphics area and PropertyManager.

For frequency and buckling studies, mode shapes illustrate the profile of the mode only (i.e., the displacement of nodes relative to each other). See Output of Frequency Analysis.

Advanced Option

  • Element. Select to list probe results on elements only.

  • Node. Select to list probe results on nodes only. Results are listed for the mesh node nearest to the selected location.


Displays the node or element number, the value of the plotted result, the global coordinates of the node or center of the element, and the component name if probing an assembly.

Options include:

  • Sensor List (available for From Sensors only). A list of all the sensors for this model.

  • Faces, Edges, or Vertices (available for On selected entities only). Results are given for all the nodes or elements on the selected entities.

  • Flip edge plot (available for On selected entities only). Reverses the order of the nodes in the results list for a selected edge.

  • Update (available for On selected entities only). Click to refresh the results list when you update the geometric entities in Faces, Edges, or Vertices .

  • Save annotations for plot (attach sensor) (available for From sensors only). Keeps the callouts in the graphics area after you close the PropertyManager.

Summary (available for On selected entities only)

Lists the values of the plotted result on the selected geometric entities. The sum, average, maximum, minimum, and the RMS (Root Mean Square) values appear.

Distance (available for Distance only)

Lists the change in the x, y, and z location, as well as the actual distance after deformation between two nodes. The results also appear in the graphics area.

Report Options

  • Save as Sensor . Select points listed under Results to create a sensor list.

  • Save . Save the probe results to a comma delimited *.csv file. Use a text editor or Microsoft Excel to view this file.

  • Plot . Generate a 2D graph of the results. Linear variation is assumed between listed values. The graph assumes equal distances between consecutive probed locations.

  • Response (available for transient studies only). Generate a 2D graph of the results versus solution steps.


Lets you select which annotations for the probe results are visible in the graphics area.

You can move the probe results in the graphics area by dragging them.

  • Show Node/Element Number. Includes node or element number in the probe results.

  • Show X, Y, Z Location. Includes global coordinates in the probe results.

  • Show Value (not available for Distance). Includes results-specific value such as vonMises, URES, or Temp.

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