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MateXpert is a tool that allows you to identify mating problems in an assembly. You can examine the details of mates that are not satisfied, and identify groups of mates which over define the assembly. See also Xperts Overview.

You can also use mate callouts and View Mate Errors to help identify and resolve mating problems.

Versions of the software after SolidWorks 2001 may find a mating error that went undetected in earlier versions of SolidWorks. These are primarily conflicts between mates and in-context features. Remember that when this error occurs, it is important to understand that the mate problem is not a new one. It existed in earlier versions of SolidWorks but was not detected by the software. MateXpert can help you identify these errors.

The following icons indicate errors or warnings in an assembly:

Error Icon


Indicates an error in the model. This icon appears on the document name at the top of the FeatureManager design tree and on the component that contains the error. When it appears on the Mates folder, it indicates that one or more mates are not satisfied. 

Indicates a warning in the model. This icon appears on the document name at the top of the FeatureManager design tree and on the component that contains the feature that issued the warning. When it appears on the Mates folder, it indicates that all the mates are satisfied, but one or more mates are over defined.

See What's Wrong for more information on identifying errors and warnings in parts and assemblies.

To identify mate status:

In the FeatureManager design tree, click to expand the Mates folder. The following error icons appear beside the mate icons and indicate the status of the mates. See the procedure below to diagnose the mating problem. 

Error Icon

Mate Status



Not Satisfied.

Satisfied, but over defines the assembly.

To diagnose mating problems:

  1. Click Tools, MateXpert, or right-click the assembly, Mates folder, or any mate in the Mates folder, and select MateXpert.

  2. In the PropertyManager, under Analyze Problem, click Diagnose.

    One or more subsets of mates with problems appear. In the graphics area, components that are not related to the current subset become transparent. A message appears with information on the mating problem.

  3. Under Not Satisfied Mates, click a mate.

    The entities in the unsolved mate are highlighted in the graphics area. A message tells you the distance or angle by which the mated entities are currently misaligned.

Mates that appear under both Analyze Problem and Not Satisfied Mates appear in bold.

  1. Right-click a mate in the PropertyManager and select:

  • Suppress.

  • Edit Mates. Opens the Mate PropertyManager so you can edit the mate.

  • Toggle alignment. Toggles the mate alignment between aligned and anti-aligned. (Available only for mates with alignment problems.)

If a mate is dangling, you can suppress or edit it here, or close the PropertyManager and use Replace Mate Entities to fix it.

  1. Click .

MateXpert analyzes only one Mates folder at a time. Sub-assembly Mate folders are not included in the analysis of a top-level assembly Mates folder. You can analyze the Mates folder in any sub-assembly separately.

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