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Selecting Components

In addition to the default selection method (clicking an entity in the graphics area or FeatureManager design tree), many other tools are available for selecting components in assemblies.

Selecting Sub-Assemblies in the Graphics Area

You can select a sub-assembly in the graphics area by right-clicking one of its components and choosing Select Sub Assembly. If the component is in a nested sub-assembly, a list displays the hierarchy. Move the pointer over the list to highlight the various sub-assemblies, then click the one you want.

The Select Flyout Button

Click the down arrow on Select (Standard toolbar) and select:

  • Volume Select. Selects components based on a temporary volume that you define.

  • Select Suppressed. Selects all suppressed components and highlights them in the FeatureManager design tree.

  • Select Hidden. Selects all hidden components and highlights them in the FeatureManager design tree.

  • Select Mated To. Selects all components mated to the selected component.

  • Select Internal Components. Selects all components that are enclosed by other components, and highlights them in the FeatureManager design tree.

  • Select Toolbox. Selects all Toolbox components in the assembly.

You can:

Selecting Hidden Components

By clicking Show Hidden Components (Assembly toolbar), you can temporarily toggle the display of hidden and shown components, to enable you to graphically select hidden components that you want to show.

Selecting Based on Search Criteria

In the Advanced Select dialog box, you can select components based on searches for certain component characteristics such as custom properties, part mass, component status, etc.

Filtering the FeatureManager Design Tree

You can use Filter at the top of the FeatureManager design tree to filter items displayed in the tree.

You can filter by:

  • Component and feature name

  • Component show/hide state

  • Tags that you add

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