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Working in Detached Drawings

When opening a Detached drawing, the software checks all sheets in the drawing to be sure that they are synchronized with the model. If not, you are warned.

If a Detached drawing is open, and you open a model document, either from File, Open or by right-clicking a view and selecting Open, the drawing does not synchronize with the model until you load the model.

When you load a model in a detached drawing view, all unsuppressed models in the drawing document are loaded (including models on different sheets), regardless of whether the models are related. This ensures that all models are updated when you make a change.

To load the model:

  1. Right-click a view containing the model you want to load, and select Load Model.

    The Confirm Load Model dialog box appears.

  2. Select the Don't prompt me again in this or any future session check box if you want to prevent this message from appearing again.

  3. Click Yes to continue loading the model.

Operations Available in Detached Drawings Without the Model

Following are some of the capabilities available when the model is not loaded:

  • Save and Open drawings

  • Add

    • Dimensions

    • Annotations

    • New views (Empty, Detail)

    • New views of parts only (Auxiliary, Projected, Section, Broken-out Section)

    • Balloons

    • Virtual sharps

  • Change

    • Scales of sheets or views

    • Line Color, Line Style, and Line Thickness of model edges, silhouette edges, and sketch entities for both parts and assemblies

    • View alignments

    • Crop Views, and Auxiliary and Projected Views

    • Balloons

  • Select

    • Hidden Lines Removed (HLR), Hidden Lines Visible (HLV), and Wireframe in drawings of parts. You can show views in Tangent edge display in drawings of parts or assemblies.

    • Imported planes, sketches, origins, and axes

    • Section view edges

    • Model edges and vertices

    • Silhouette edges

    • Faces

    • Copy, Cut, and Paste views

  • Inference, reference, and dimension to model edges, vertices, and center points

  • Hide and show edges

  • Update the drawing with the Rebuild tool

  • Measure

  • True reference dimensions

  • View temporary axes

  • 3D highlighting

Operations Requiring the Model

When the model is not loaded, the model entities do not appear in the FeatureManager design tree and the following operations are not available:

  • Import

    • Design Tables

    • Model items (dimensions, annotations, origins, planes, axes, or sketches)

    • Reference planes and axes into existing layers

  • Add

    • New views (Standard 3 View, Model, Relative, Broken) and new views of assemblies (Auxiliary, Projected, Section, Broken-out Section)

    • Bills of Materials

    • Cosmetic Threads

  • Select

    • Component Line Font item from shortcut menu

  • Change values or properties of feature dimensions (also origins and other reference geometry) imported from the model

  • Use the DimXpert tool

  • Hide/Show Components or Hide Behind Plane

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