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Analysis Steps

The steps needed to perform an analysis depend on the study type. You complete a study by performing the following steps:

  • Create a study defining its analysis type and options.

  • If needed, define parameters of your study. A parameter can be a model dimension,  material property, force value, or any other input.

  • Define material properties. This step is not required if material properties were defined in the CAD system. Fatigue and optimization studies use referenced studies for material definitions.

  • Specify restraints and loads. Fatigue and optimization studies use referenced studies for restraints and loads. Drop test studies do not allow you to define restraints and loads other than what is specified in the setup.

  • The program automatically creates a shell mesh for surfaces and sheet metals with uniform thicknesses. For sheet metals, right-click on shell icon and select Treat as Solid to mesh with solid elements.

For drop test studies sheet metals mesh with solid elements.

  • The program automatically meshes structural members with beam elements.

  • The program automatically creates a mixed mesh when different geometries (solid, shell, structural members etc.) exist in the model.

  • Define component contact and contact sets.

  • Mesh the model to divide the model into many small pieces called elements. Fatigue and optimization studies use the meshes in referenced studies.

  • Run the study.

  • View results.

You can define material properties, loads, restraints, and create the mesh in any order. However, you must define all the necessary input before running the study.

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