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Importing Motion Loads from SolidWorks Motion

SolidWorks Simulation reads motion loads directly from SolidWorks Motion database. You can import loads at a single frame or multiple frames.

When requesting multiple frames, SolidWorks Simulation creates a Design Study with the gravity loads along X, Y, and Z directions and the loads due to angular velocity and angular acceleration as the variables. You can then type required values for these variables. By default, the program creates constraints depending on the defined sensors and selects the Monitor Only option.

To import motion loads from SolidWorks Motion database:

  1. Click Simulation > Import Motion Loads.
  2. Select assembly component(s).

    You cannot import to Simulation motion loads from components in a subassembly.

  3. Select Single Frame Study or Multiple Frame Study (Design Scenarios).
    • If you select Single Frame Study, specify the Frame No.
    • If you select Multiple Frame Study (Design Scenarios), specify the Start, End frame numbers and Step.
  4. Click OK.

    The program creates a study with the name CM-ALT-Frame - <Number> in each selected component, where Number refers to the specified frame number for a Single Frame Study and start-end-step number for Multiple Frame Study. For multiple frames, the software creates a Non-Optimization Design Study . The software activates the Use Inertial Relief option in the properties of the study automatically.

  5. To evaluate results for a component, open the part document of the component.
  6. If you imported loads from a single motion frame, right-click the static study associated with the frame and select Run. If you imported loads from multiple motion frames, modify the static study if needed, set the values of variables and constraints and run the Design Study.

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