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A connector is a mechanism that defines how an entity (vertex, edge, face) is connected to another entity or to the ground. Using connectors simplifies modeling because, in many cases, you can simulate the desired behavior without having to create the detailed geometry or define contact conditions.

The following connectors are available:

  • Rigid . Defines a rigid link between faces from two distinct bodies. More...

  • Spring . Defines a spring that can resist tension only (cables), compression only, or tension and compression. More...

  • Pin . Connects cylindrical faces of two components. More...

  • Elastic Support . Defines an elastic foundation between the selected faces of a part or assembly and the ground. More...

  • Bolt . Defines a bolt connector between two components or between a component and the ground. More...

  • Link . Ties any two locations on the model by a rigid bar that is hinged at both ends. More...

  • Edge Weld : Estimates the appropriate size of a weld needed to attach two metal components. More...

  • Spot Welds . Connects two or more thin overlapping metal sheets at small areas (spots) without using any filling material. More...

  • Bearing . Applies a bearing connector between a shaft and a housing component.  More...

A bearing fixture applies the bearing support between a component and the ground.  More...


  • In the Connectors PropertyManager, while the pushpin is active , the software groups connectors that you create into a separate folder.

  • You can edit common data for connectors of the same type. Select several connectors of the same type, right-click, and select Edit Definition. Edit the properties. When you click , the properties are applied in all of the selected connectors.

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