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Simulation Data Sensors

Use Simulation Data sensors to monitor the following:

  • Simulation data such as stresses, connector forces, and factors of safety on particular regions of the model

  • Results from Simulation transient studies such as nonlinear, dynamic, drop-test studies, and design scenarios. Use Workflow Sensitive sensors to plot graphs on specific locations for transient and design studies.

  • Trend Tracker data graphs

  • Goals and Constraints for Design Studies

Sensor Type

Simulation Data. Monitor Simulation results.

See Sensors PropertyManager for information on other sensor types.

Data Quantity

Select the result quantity and component to track with a sensor.



Plane, Axis or Coordinate System


Stress components

Select a plane, axis or coordinate system for reference geometry.


ESTR: Equivalent Strain



Displacement components



Selected mode shape



Load factor for selected buckling mode shape


Connector Force

Axial, Shear and Bending Resultant forces


Free-Body Forces

Free body forces



Acceleration components



Velocity components



Thermal components


Workflow Sensitive

Result components on particular locations




Select the units for the Simulation quantity


Select the variable to monitor.

Step Criterion

  • Across All Steps

Tracks the Simulation data value across all steps for the entire model or for the selected entities and reports a single value. For example, if you select Model Max for Criterion, the sensor reports the maximum value in the model across all steps.

  • At Specific Plot Step

Tracks the Simulation data value at the specified plot step based on the plot number you specify. You can control the number of plot steps and step interval using the Result Options folder in the Simulation study tree.

  • At Specific Mode Shape

This option is available only for the frequency and buckling sensors. Specifies the mode number at which the sensor tracks the result.

Select Components , Bodies, Faces, Edges, or Vertices

Values are monitored over these selected entities.


Available only when connectors are defined and Connector Force is selected under Data Quantity.

  • All pins

  • All bolts

  • All bearings

  • Individual connector

Select a vertex or a point.

Available when Workflow Sensitive is selected under Data Quantity.

Select vertices or reference points to graph time history plots for Simulation transient studies.


Link to selection.

Check this option to automatically update the selected vertices or points coordinates when geometry changes.


Available when Workflow Sensitive is selected and Link to selection is cleared. Lists the points and coordinates of the sensor locations.


Set the display units for the Location(s) list.

Factor of Safety

Select the Factor of Safety to monitor the value of factor of safety (FOS).

  • Use limit strength in material data. (Available for Stress components only.) Uses yield strength data defined in the Material dialog box.

  • Enter limit value. (Available for all Simulation results except Stress.) Enter the upper limit value for the monitored quantity. For example, the maximum resultant displacement of the model is calculated to URES = 2 inches. You enter 5 in limit value. The sensor calculates the FOS for the maximum URES as 5/2 =2.5.


Select Alert and set an operator and limits.

Alerts notify you immediately when the sensor value deviates from the limits you specify. When a sensor triggers an alert, the system beeps and the sensor is flagged in the FeatureManager design tree.

File Options

  • Save. Saves the sensor coordinates to a comma delimited *.csv file. Use a text editor or Microsoft Excel to view this file.

  • Import. Imports sensor locations from a *.csv or *.txt file as a new sensor.

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