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Display States in Assemblies

You can define different combinations of the following settings for each component in an assembly, and save them in display states:


 Display Mode



You change display settings for each component in the Display Pane.

Display states are listed in the bottom section of the ConfigurationManager, where you can select or clear Link Display States to Configurations to control the display state mode.

You can rename display states and select options in the Display State Properties PropertyManager.

In the Open dialog box, you can select a display state while opening an assembly.

Display State-1


Display State-2

To create a new display state:

  1. Click a blank area in the graphics area to make sure nothing is selected in the ConfigurationManager.

  2. Right-click in any blank area in the ConfigurationManager and select Add Display State.

A new display state is added to the list and becomes the active display state.

The active display state appears in angle brackets after the configuration name in the ConfigurationManager and at the top of the FeatureManager design tree.

  1. In the FeatureManager, click (to the right of the tabs) to show the Display Pane, and make changes to define the new display state.

You can also create a new display state by right-clicking anywhere in the Display Pane, selecting Add Display State, typing a name for the new display state, and pressing Enter.

To change from one display state to another:




In the bottom section of the ConfigurationManager, double-click an inactive display state to make it active.

 Indicates the active display state.

 Indicates inactive display states.

Display Pane

Right-click anywhere in the Display Pane, select Activate Display State, and select a display state.


Right-click Show Display Pane and select a display state.

Display States toolbar

Select a display state.

Display State Mode

Display states are listed under Display States in the bottom section of the ConfigurationManager. Select or clear Link Display States to Configurations to control the display state mode.

Display States

(Link Display States to Configurations is not selected.)

Display states are independent from configurations, so all display states are available in all configurations. When you change from one configuration to another, the current display state remains active.

Display States (linked)

(Link Display States to Configurations is selected.)

Each display state is linked to one configuration; each configuration can have multiple display states. For linked display states:

When you change from linked to unlinked display states, all display states from every configuration appear under Display States. If some configurations had identical display states, then some items listed are redundant. To list only unique display states, right-click in any blank area in the ConfigurationManager and select Purge Redundant.

Legacy Behavior

In assemblies created in SolidWorks 2007 or earlier, each configuration has unique display states, although the display states might have the same name (such as Display State-1). When you convert an assembly to the current version of SolidWorks, the software:

  • Assigns a unique name to each display state, in the format <configuration_name>_<display_state_name>.

  • Links the display state to the configuration.

For example, a display state named Display State-1 in a configuration named Default is renamed to Default_Display State-1, and Link Display State to Configurations is selected by default.

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