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Force PropertyManager

To open the Force PropertyManager, from an assembly, click Force (MotionManager toolbar).
You must add in SolidWorks Motion before adding a force to a motion study.

Force Type

Torsional Force Specifies a torque.
Linear Force Specifies a linear force.


Action only Specifies the reference feature and direction for an action-only force or torque. An action-only force or torque acts on a body, but is not generated from a body.
Action & reaction Specifies the reference feature and direction for an action-reaction force or torque. The action body generates the action force or torque, while the reaction body responds with an equal an opposite force or torque.
  Action part and point of application of the action Specifies the face, edge, or vertex at which to measure the force or torque.
Reverse Direction

Reverses the direction of motion.

  Force Direction Specifies the direction of the action-only force or torque.
  Force reaction position Specifies the position at which to measure the reaction force.
  Reaction Part and Default Direction Specifies the position at which to measure the reaction torque and its directional axis.
Reverse Direction

Reverses the direction of motion.

  Assembly origin Specifies the origin of the action-only force.
  Selected component Specifies the component to which the action-only force is applied.
  Override default direction Lists the optional component that defines the direction of an action-reaction torque.

Force Function

Constant   Specifies a constant force profile.
Step   Specifies a smooth step function force profile.
  Initial Value  
  Start Step Time  
  Final Value  
  End Step Time  
Harmonic   Specifies a harmonic force profile.
  Average Specifies the constant offset of the harmonic force profile.
  Phase Shift  

Defines profile from piecewise continuous functions of time or cycle angle.

Data Points  

Defines profile from an interpolated data set as a function of time, cycle angle, or motion study results.


Defines profile as mathematical expression of time, cycle angle, or motion study results.

Load Function from File  

Permits importing of a function created with the Function Builder from a .sldfcn file.

Delete Functions  

Permits deletion of functions created with the Function Builder.


Permits editing of selected profile type.

Load Bearing Faces

Load references Specifies the load-bearing faces or edges.

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