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MotionManager Tools

The following table describes the motion study tools. An X in a column indicates the tool is available for the motion study type.

Tool Function Animation Basic Motion Motion Analysis
Calculate. Calculates the current simulation. If you alter the simulation, you must recalculate it before replaying. X X X
Play from Start. Reset components and play the simulation. Use after simulation has been calculated. X X X
Play. Play the simulation beginning at the current time bar location. X X X
Stop. X X X
  Playback Mode flyout X X X
Normal. Play from beginning to end once. X X X
Loop. Continuous play, beginning to end then loop to beginning and continue playing. X X X
Reciprocate. Continuous play, beginning to end, then reverse-play end to beginning. X X X
Save Animation X X X
Animation Wizard X X X
Autokey. Click to automatically place a new key when you move or change components. Click again to toggle this option. X    
Add/Update Key. Click to add a new key or update properties of an existing key. X X X

Motion Elements

Tool Function Animation Basic Motion Motion Analysis
Motor X X X, with expressions
Spring   X (linear only) X
Damper     X
Force     X
Tool_3DContact.gif Contact   X X
Gravity   X X
Results and Plots     X
Motion Study Properties X X X

Stress Analysis

Tool Function Animation Basic Motion Motion Analysis
Simulation Setup     X, with SolidWorks Simulation
Calculate Simulation Results     X, with SolidWorks Simulation
Stress Plot, Deformation Plot, Factor of Safety Plot     X, with SolidWorks Simulation


Tool Function Animation Basic Motion Motion Analysis
Event-based Motion View. Switch from the timeline view to an event-based view.     X, with SolidWorks Simulation Professional
Timeline View. Switch from Event-based view to a timeline view.     X, with SolidWorks Simulation Professional


Tool Function Animation Basic Motion Motion Analysis
No Filter X X X
Filter Animated X X X
Filter Driving X X X
Filter Selected X X X
Filter Results     X

Zoom Tools

Tool Function Animation Basic Motion Motion Analysis
Zoom In. Enlarge the size of the timeline to permit more precise positioning of key points and the time bar. X X X
Zoom to Fit. Rescale the timeline view. X X X
Zoom Out. Reduce the size of the timeline to show a larger interval of time in the window. X X X
Collapse MotionManager X X X
Expand MotionManager X X X

About Playback Modes

The motion study playback mode determines whether the motion simulation runs once, repeats, or loops continuously forward and backward.

You can run three playback modes in a motion study:
  • Normal Tool_Playback_Mode_Normal.gif, for playing the motion simulation once
  • Loop Tool_Playback_Mode_Loop.gif, for continuously repeating the motion simulation from start to finish
  • Reciprocate Tool_Playback_Mode_Reciprocate.gif, for playing the motion simulation forward to the end, and reversing the motion back to the start in a continuous loop.

playbackmode.gifYou can access the playback mode list from the MotionManager toolbar, to the left of the Save Animation Tool_Save_Animation.gif tool.

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