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Changebars are the horizontal bars connecting key points. They indicate a change between key points.

Changes include:
  • Animation duration
  • Component motion
  • Simulation element property changes
  • View orientation such as rotation
  • Visual properties such as color or view

Changebar Legend

Depending on the entities, changebars use colors that visually identify the component and the type of change.
In addition to the color, you can identify the entity by the icon in the MotionManager design tree.
Icon and Changebar Function Notes
Overall animation duration  
Orientation and Camera Views Duration for this View orientation.
Disable Playback of View Keys selected
Simulation Elements  
  • Includes all visual properties (color, transparency, and so on).
  • Can exist independent of component motion .
Driving motion Driving motion and Driven motion changebars can include an Appearance changebar between the same key points.

Driven motion components can be in motion or stationary:
  • Motion

  • No motion

Driven motion
Explode Create with Animation Wizard.
Component or feature property changes, such as mate dimensions Key Points
Feature key
Any suppressed key
Position not yet solved
Position unable to be reached
Motion solver failure  
Hidden children
  • Folders created in the SolidWorks FeatureManager design tree
  • Collapsed items
Active feature Example: A mate is suppressed for a period of time.

Driving and Driven Components

When you move a component that drives the motion of related components, the system animates the driven components as well. Both components include a changebar.

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