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Discrete DimXpert Feature Types

Discrete DimXpert feature types build upon DimXpert features.

Discrete Feature Type Definition Supported Features Example
Collection A group of two or more manufacturing features. All

The features making up the periphery of the part are combined into a collection feature.

Collections are most useful when you need to apply a surface profile tolerance simultaneously to a set of features or faces.

Compound Cylinder A set of coaxial cylinders having the same radius. For example, the two cylindrical faces at the top of this part. Cylinder
Compound Hole A set of coaxial holes having the same diameter. For example, the two internal cylindrical faces split by a groove in this part. Simple hole
Discrete Feature Type Definition Supported Features Example
Pattern A group of DimXpert features having the same type (hole, slot, notch, etc.) and size parameters.

They are generally associated with common dimensions and tolerances. For example, applying a diameter dimension and geometric position tolerance to a pattern of holes.

  • Chamfer
  • Counterbore hole
  • Countersink hole
  • Cylinder
  • Fillet
  • Notch
  • Simple Hole
  • Slot

Simple hole, counterbore, slot, and notch pattern features
Linked Pattern A DimXpert pattern that is based on and maintains an association with a SW modeling feature or features.

DimXpert pattern features linked to modeling features update automatically if you change the modeling features.

Linked patterns are identified in the DimXpertManager by the link icon .

Slot Pattern1 is a linked pattern and Slot Pattern2 is not.

Supported modeling features:
  • Chamfer
  • Circular Pattern
  • Extruded Cut
  • Fillet
  • Hole Wizard
  • Linear Pattern
  • Mirror
  • Simple Hole

Given the four small holes on the part above, here are examples of what would and would not result in a linked pattern.


  • Four holes modeled as a single hole wizard or simple hole feature
  • Four holes modeled using a single cut extrude, whose sketch contains only the 4 circles
  • A single hole wizard or simple hole feature followed by a linear or circular pattern

Not Linked:

  • Part is an imported body
  • Complete part is modeled using a single sketch and extrude feature

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