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FilletXpert Overview

The FilletXpert manages, organizes, and reorders constant radius fillets for you so you can concentrate on your design intent.

To access the FilletXpert, click Fillet (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Fillet/Round and in the PropertyManager, click FilletXpert.

The FilletXpert can:
  • Create multiple fillets
  • Automatically invoke the FeatureXpert
  • Automatically reorder fillets when required
  • Manage the desired type of fillet corner
Use the FilletXpert when you want the SolidWorks software to manage the structure of the underlying features. Use the manual Fillet PropertyManager when you want to maintain control at the feature level.

PropertyManager Tabs

  • Use the Add tab to create new fillets or the Change tab to modify existing fillets.
  • Use the Corner tab to manage fillet corners:
    • Choose alternative fillet corners and create fillet corner features. The pointer changes to when you hover over a fillet corner.
    • Copy a fillet corner to other fillet corners.

      The Corner tab modifies a fillet corner where exactly three filleted edges meet at one vertex. Each face in the fillet corner must be adjacent to exactly three fillet faces.

      If all three filleted edges are concave or convex, or have the same radius, only one fillet corner type exists.

      With the PropertyManager closed, CTRL+ drag a fillet corner to copy it to another compatible corner. Video: Dragging a Fillet Corner to Copy It

Selecting Entities

When adding or changing fillets, selecting an individual edge or fillet displays a pop-up toolbar to help you select multiple edges or fillets.

Hover over a toolbar icon to highlight entities in the graphics area. Click the toolbar icon to select the appropriate entities and populate the PropertyManager.

In the toolbar tooltips:
  • Right and Left = the right or left face of the entity.
  • Start and End = the start or end vertex of the entity.
  • Virtual = the adjacent tangent entities that the software treats as one entity.

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