Workgroup PDM VaultAdmin Administration

After Workgroup PDM is installed, vault administrators should perform these tasks.

  • Log in to the VaultAdmin.
  • Change the vault administrator password.
  • Create user accounts.
  • Notify users of their account names and passwords.

For details, see SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM in the main SOLIDWORKS help.

Initial Login to Workgroup PDM VaultAdmin

When you first login to Workgroup PDM VaultAdmin, specify the Workgroup PDM administrator name and password, and the name of the computer hosting the Workgroup PDM Vault.

  1. In Windows, click Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > Workgroup PDM VaultAdmin .
  2. In the dialog box, enter this information:
    Name pdmwadmin
    Password pdmwadmin
    Vault computer The host name of the computer where the vault is installed. If you run the VaultAdmin on the computer where the vault is installed, type localhost.
  3. Click Login.
For security reasons, we recommend that you change the password for the administrator as soon as possible. Select the Users and Groups tab in the VaultAdmin.

Upgrading the Workgroup PDM Vault Server

You can upgrade the Workgroup PDM Vault Server using SOLIDWORKS Check for Updates, a SOLIDWORKS installation DVD, or a Workgroup PDM upgrade file manually downloaded to a local folder.

You can install only one version of Workgroup PDM Vault Server
  1. Ask all users to log out of the Workgroup PDM vault and then lock it.
  2. Backup the vault data.
  3. Use Microsoft Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs to remove the current version of Workgroup PDM Server.
  4. Install the new version of Workgroup PDM Server.
    • To use SOLIDWORKS Check for Updates:
      1. In Windows, click Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager > Check for Updates .
      2. In the Newer Versions Available dialog box, select Download and install a new version, select the version to install, and then click Next.

        The new version of SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager downloads and runs.

    • To use a SOLIDWORKS installation DVD, insert the DVD into the drive and follow the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager instructions.
    • To use the manually downloaded Workgroup PDM installation file (pdmwserver.exe), double-click the file and then follow the instructions to upgrade the Workgroup PDM Server.
  5. Use SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler to update the Workgroup PDM files in the vault.
  6. Unlock the vault and then notify users that they can return to using it.

Upgrading Workgroup PDM Clients

Clients are prompted to update the first time they log in after the vault is updated. No service pack is required for client updates.

Client Status Relative to Vault Action
Same version as vault None
Same major release, newer than vault None
Newer major release, newer than vault Login is blocked
Same major release, older than vault Optional update
Older major release, older than vault Mandatory update

For details about updating Workgroup PDM clients, see Update Clients in the Workgroup PDM Help.