Configuring Workgroup PDM for Clients

After you have installed the Workgroup PDM server vault, you can then configure the vault for clients.

  1. Log in to the VaultAdmin (installed with SOLIDWORKS Explorer) with the default user name and password.
  2. In the VaultAdmin, set up user and group accounts, project folders, permissions, and so on.
    For instructions, see Workgroup PDM Help.
  3. Email client users with the server computer name and their user names and passwords, which are usually not the same as their Microsoft Windows user names and passwords.

Configuring the Workgroup PDM Viewer to Connect to a Different Vault Location

You can configure Workgroup PDM Viewer to connect to a different Vault location using the Windows Registry.

  1. Update the registry path by changing the Vault Computer value:
  2. Reinstall the Workgroup PDM Viewer. In the Vault Computer Name dialog box, type the new computer name.

Configuring Mime Types for Document Downloading

You can configure mime types for document downloading using Windows Registry settings.

By default, the Viewer sends Open Document requests with the generic mime type "application/octet-stream." Microsoft Internet Explorer then opens the requested document with the supplied file extension. You can map additional mime types or turn off mime type mappings by modifying the Mime Types registry sub-key in Windows Registry.

To map additional mime types, create additional string values under this registry sub-key:

in the form:

"ext" = "mime type"

For example:

"dxf" = "image/vnd.dxf"

You must manually create this registry sub-key before you add the values.

To turn off mime type mappings, change the Use Custom MIME Types registry value to 0 (zero).


Restarting the web server is not required to activate this setting.