Model Break View PropertyManager - Steps Tab

Use the Step tab to create the break steps that are used in configuration-based interrupted views of models. Each step represents a break in the model.

To open the PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • Click Insert > Model Break View.
  • Click Model Break View (SOLIDWORKS MBD toolbar).
  • In the ConfigurationManager , right-click a configuration and click New Model Break View.

Model Break Steps

Model Break Steps list box Lists break steps as you add them to the model.

The first break step is labeled Break Step1.

You cannot reorder or rename the steps in the PropertyManager. However, after you create the model break view, you can rename break steps by editing the names in the ConfigurationManager.

Apply Applies the alignment settings to create the model break step.
Add Step Adds a new step at the end of the step list.


Front Aligns break planes with the front plane of the model.
Top Aligns break planes with the top plane of the model.
Right Aligns break planes with the right plane of the model.
Cut Plane Orientation Indicates the selected alignment plane.

By default, the planes that define the break are parallel to the selected alignment plane unless you modify the X and Y angle controls.

X Angle Defines the angle of rotation of the planes about the X axis.
Y Angle Defines the angle of rotation of the planes about the Y axis.
Break Size Defines the size of the region to cut and remove from the model.
  Preview Shows the selected break step in the graphics area.