Dynamic Annotation Views

Available in SOLIDWORKS MBD.

You can control how annotations are displayed when you rotate models.

When you activate Dynamic Annotation Views, you see only the annotation views that are relevant to the current model orientation. As you rotate the model, annotation views that are not normal to the model orientation fade away, while annotations appear as they approach normal.

Annotation views are automatically set as the active view when they are displayed using Dynamic Annotation Views.

To activate Dynamic Annotation Views, do one of the following:

  • Click Dynamic Annotation Views (SOLIDWORKS MBD CommandManager).
  • In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click Annotations and click Dynamic Annotation Views .

The annotation types you see when you select Dynamic Annotation Views depend on the annotation types you select on the Annotations shortcut menu or Annotation Properties dialog box. Available options are:

  • Show Feature Dimensions
  • Show Reference Dimensions
  • Show DimXpert Annotations
  • Show Reference Annotations. Displays annotations that are not dimensions, including reference dimensions, balloons, surface finish symbols, weld symbols, geometric tolerance symbols, datum feature symbols, and datum targets.

Show All Views in Dynamic View Mode. Shows all annotation views regardless of their show/hide state in the Annotations folder of the FeatureManager design tree. When cleared, only annotation views that are not hidden are shown.