Sketch Complexity

In many cases, you can produce the same result by creating an extruded feature with a complex profile, or an extruded feature with a simpler profile and some additional features.

For example, if the edges of an extrusion need to be rounded, you can draw a complex sketch that contains sketch fillets (A), or draw a simple sketch and add the fillets as separate features later (B).

sketch_add_sketch_fillets.gif sketch_sketch_fillets_extrude.gif
A Complex sketch Extrude
sketch_sketch_no-fillets.gif sketch_sketch_no-fillets_extrude.gif sketch_feature_fillets_extrude.gif
B Simple sketch Extrude Add fillet features
Consider your design intent:
  • Complex sketches rebuild faster. Sketch fillets can be recalculated much faster than fillet features, but complex sketches can be harder to create and edit.
  • Simple sketches are more flexible and easier to manage. Individual features can be reordered and suppressed, if necessary.