Selecting Contours

Select sketch contours and model edges, and apply features to them. This allows you to use a partial sketch to create features.

A tooltip appears when you cannot select a contour because:
  • The part has too many edges.
  • Edges are created on offset planes.
  • Edges are chamfered.
  • Edges are filleted.

Contour selection is also restricted as follows:

  • When reusing a sketch, you can select only on the original face. If, for example, part of the face has been extruded, the tool does not recognize the new face.
  • You can select contours only on the face with the sketch. If, for example, the face with the sketch is cut by a solid object (as shown below), the tool can select the part of the face still visible but does not recognize the solid object.
When creating lofts with 3D sketch contours as opposed to individual sketches, you can select one or more contours.

To select and extrude contours:

  1. In an active sketch, select a feature to apply the selected contours. For example, click one of the following to display the appropriate PropertyManager:
    • Extruded Boss/Base Tool_Extruded_Boss_Base_Features.gif (Features toolbar)
    • Revolved Boss/Base Tool_Revolved_Boss_Base_Features.gif (Features toolbar)
  2. In the graphics area, use the pointer pointer_contour_select.gif to select a contour for Selected Contours.

    The contour can include model edges.

    To select multiple contours, hold down Ctrl.

    contour_select_sketch_01.gif contour_select_sketch_02.gif
  3. Click PM_OK.gif to apply to the selected contours.


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