Sketch Relations Callouts

In an open sketch, when you double-click a sketch entity in the graphics area:
  • The sketch entity PropertyManager opens.
  • Callouts appear for all the relations of the selected entity.

When you select a relation under Existing Relations PM_relations_existing.gif in the sketch entity PropertyManager, a callout appears in the graphics area.

In the sketch entity PropertyManager, the callouts display the relations applied to the selected sketch entity and the names of the related sketch entities. The color of the callout specifies the status of the entity (under defined, over defined, dangling, and so on).
The default system color for fully defined status is black. In the callouts, fully defined status is blue, the same as for under defined. The other colors in the callouts follow the system defaults. The status also appears next to Information PM_information.gif in the PropertyManager.

Displaying Sketch Relations Callouts

To display all sketch relations callouts:

Click View and select Sketch Relations.

Opening the Display Delete Relations PropertyManager

To open the Display/Delete Relations PropertyManager:

Double-click the callout.
  • The vertical relation is selected in the Display/Delete Relations PropertyManager.
  • The callout and the sketch entity are highlighted.

Deleting Sketch Relations

To delete a relation:

Do one of the following:
  • Select the relation under Relations, and press Delete.
  • Select the callout in the graphics area, and press Delete.