Publish to 3D PDF PropertyManager

Use the Publish to 3D PDF PropertyManager to specify details for a 3D PDF of the active model.

To open the Publish to 3D PDF PropertyManager:

Do one of the following:

  • Click the 3D Views tab at the bottom of the SOLIDWORKS window and click Publish to 3D PDF.
  • Click Publish to 3D PDF (SOLIDWORKS MBD CommandManager or toolbar).

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Use this page to select a template, views to include in the 3D PDF document, set accuracy, and add attachments.

  Template list Select a template.
Manage 3D PDF Templates Opens the 3D PDF Template Editor.

Include Primary Views

Select views:
Top View
Isometric View
Dimetric View
Trimetric View
Left View
Front View
Right View
Back View
Bottom View
More views

Additional defined views created from Capture 3D View (SOLIDWORKS MBD CommandManager), including named views and the current view.

Click Select all views to select all entries in More views.

Click Clear all views to deselect all entries in More views.


  Maximum No lossy compression (may result in very large file size).

0.001mm tolerance (low compression, high accuracy)

Low lossy compression may result in large file size.


0.01mm tolerance (medium compression, medium accuracy)

Medium lossy compression may result in moderate file size.


0.1mm tolerance (high compression, low accuracy)

High lossy compression may result in smaller file size.

  Use lossy compression on tessellation Applies lossy compression to the polygons in the model.


Attach Files Displays file browser. Attached files are added to the list of attached files. Use Delete and Delete All to remove files from the list.
Create and attach STEP 242 Exports parts and assemblies, including PMI, in STEP 242 format.

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Output Text Fields

Use this page to define text and custom property values.

Edit Displays the Custom Property Text dialog box.
  Text Lets you type text.
  Custom property name Lets you select a custom property name to display in the document.