Defining the Assembly Process

When you open Sustainability for a fully defined product assembly, the Assembly Process section appears at the top of the Task Pane.

If the Task List section appears, complete the procedure Preparing the Assembly to Be Evaluated.

  1. In the Assembly Process section, select the manufacturing region from the Region drop-down list or by clicking the region in the map.
  2. Under Built to last, enter a time increment and value to represent the expected life span of the assembly. For example, 10.00 and Year, indicating 10 years of life expectancy.
    If the Built to last value of the whole assembly is ten years and the Built to last value of one of the assembly's components is five years, the components whose value is five years will be included twice in the impact calculation of the assembly.
  3. To specify the energy usage to build the assembled product, select Energy required for assembly process.
  4. In the Fuel type drop-down list, select Electricity or Natural Gas.
  5. In the Amount field, type the amount of energy you expect to be used.